PPoPP 2019
Sat 16 - Wed 20 February 2019 Washington, DC, United States
Tue 19 Feb 2019 14:00 - 14:25 at Salon 12/13 - Session 7: Scheduling Chair(s): Jidong Zhai

A common task for all deterministic multithreading (DMT) systems is to enforce synchronization determinism. However, synchronization determinism has not been the focus of existing DMT research. Instead, most DMT systems focused on how to order data races remained after synchronization determinism is enforced. Consequently, existing scheduling policies for synchronization determinism all have limitations. They may either require performance annotations to achieve good performance or fail to provide schedule stability.

In this paper, we argue that synchronization determinism is more fundamental to DMT systems than existing research suggests and propose efficient and effective scheduling policies. Our key insight is that synchronization operations actually encode programmers’ intention on how inter-thread communication should be done and can be used as hints while scheduling synchronization operations. Based on this insight, we have built QiThread, a synchronization-determinism system with semantics-aware scheduling policies. Results of a diverse set of 108 programs show that QiThread is able to achieve comparable low overhead as state-of-the-art synchronization-determinism systems without the limitations associated with them.

Tue 19 Feb (GMT-05:00) Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey change

14:00 - 15:15: Main Conference - Session 7: Scheduling at Salon 12/13
Chair(s): Jidong ZhaiTsinghua University
PPoPP-2019-papers14:00 - 14:25
Qi ZhaoNorth Carolina State University, Zhengyi QiuNorth Carolina State University, Guoliang JinNorth Carolina State University
PPoPP-2019-papers14:25 - 14:50
Kyle SingerWashington University in St. Louis, Yifan XuWashington University in St. Louis, I-Ting Angelina LeeWashington University in St. Louis
PPoPP-2019-papers14:50 - 15:15
Loc HoangUniversity of Texas at Austin, USA, Matteo PontecorviNokia Bell Labs, Roshan DathathriUniversity of Texas at Austin, USA, Gurbinder GillUniversity of Texas at Austin, USA, Bozhi YouXi'an Jiaotong University, Keshav PingaliUniversity of Texas at Austin, USA, Vijaya RamachandranUniversity of Texas at Austin